Tragedy in Libya

A dedicated career U.S. foreign service officer dies at the hands of continuing unrest in Libya, and violent demonstrations are staged outside the U.S. embassy in Cairo. Although we can’t be certain yet, these attacks, occurring on September 11, 2012, may have been purposely staged to coincide with that terrible day in American history. Back then, at least for a short time, we came together as a country, people of all stripes pitching in to help on the crash sites and in countless other ways. Today, in the middle of an intense political season, we engage in political gamesmanship when we should be mourning the loss of those who served and conducting a systematic search for those who perpetrated this act.

Instant flailing action is not leadership – swashbuckling warriors may be heroic in animated cartoons and video games, but not in real life. In 2003, some said we would be welcomed into Iraq as liberators. Instead, in retaliation for 3,000 of our citizens murdered by al Qaeda on 9/11, we sent another 4,400 to their deaths in Iraq – a war that never should have happened in the first place.

Governor Romney’s foreign policy instincts are just plain scary. This episode further establishes the idea that he is unfit to lead on foreign policy alone. If he should be elected, God help us when he inevitably is faced with a problem on the international stage.

But today, let’s remember Ambassador Chris Stevens and the others who were killed or injured in this cowardly act.

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