Welcome to All4Reason.com. This blog is my unfettered commentary on the current state of politics (and other topics that catch my eye), from the point of view of a non-journalist and non-politician. While I am not those things, I am a veteran of a career, first in industrial design and later in marketing. I am also a military veteran, serving in the Navy during the Vietnam era, from 1966 to 1970. I am married (for 43 years), have one grown son and two dogs. Our son is also married – and has two dogs.

This site is dedicated to countering the insanity that politics has become in the United States. We don’t think either of the major parties is always right, and we understand that each party has its own “base” group of partisans who do not necessarily hold the views of the average American. Over the past year, the very intransigence of these extremes has become damaging to the economy and threatens to negatively affect the competitiveness of the United States in the world. Everyone wants change, so long as the “change” happens to the other guy. “My Congressman is great, but the rest of them should be fired.” Only when all parties to the conversation take the time to understand the issues – using a variety of sources – can they reach a reasonable view and begin to work toward a common goal, ensuring that America maintains its competitiveness and leadership in the world.

Reason doesn’t mean conservative or liberal, and opinions based on reason won’t always agree. The process is difficult – the devil is in the details. We believe that the future of America depends on our making good decisions. Decisions based on facts and reason, not emotion. Sometimes folks need a 2 x 4 forcefully applied across their hindquarters just to get their attention. However, we will attempt to wield the lumber in good humor, without unproven personal attacks on individuals.

Please join us when you can. We welcome your “reasoned” comments.


Pete Westafer


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